Southwestern College Investment Club
Spring 2022 - Zoom Meeting Room

Thank you for a Great Semester! See you in August for Fall 2022!
Hopefully we will be meeting in person in the fall on Thursdays at noon.
Come join us!

Welcome to the Southwestern College Investment Club for Spring 2022!

We meet online on Thursdays from noon to 1 pm.
Here is the link to the Zoom meeting room: SWC Zoom Meeting Room

Each week, we invite someone from the financial and investment services industry to come and discuss their segment of the industry and their position. We also ask them to relate their experiences and how they got their start in the industry. Alternatively, we choose and discuss an investment topic from one of our professors.

Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings onlines. Membership is limited to current Southwestern College students.
However, we want to emphasize that everyone is welcome!
If you have a specific topic or position within the industry you are interested in, please feel free to ask about it.
We hope to see you at our next meeting!

Questions? More information? Contact:
Professor Frank Paiano:


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Spring 2022 Meetings

 3 Feb 2022:
Our first meeting of the Spring 2022 semester. We will discuss the objectives of the club and choose officers. Zoom Recording  We need at least 10 members along with a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the ICC Representative to make a club. If we don't get 10 members and a slate of officers, we will just be an unofficial group.

 10 Feb 2022:
What a difference a week makes! We had over 10 students and plenty of volunteers for the officer positions  Zoom Recording  You know what that means? PIZZA at the end of the semester! Also, our 10 stocks have done pretty well given the volatility. We also did a quick 10 minute introduction of the overview of investment alternatives.

 17 Feb 2022:
Our club paperwork is ready to submit. Our Co-President, David Romo, will submit the paperwork very soon.  Zoom Recording  There was some confusion about the Inter-Club Council Meeting Zoom link. "My apologies," says Frank, who had given Ursula last semester Zoom link. We finished the Overview of Investments. In overtime, we showed how a well-run mutual fund can build substantial wealth over the long term.

 24 Feb 2022:
Hurray! Our Club Paperwork has been submitted. We are now an official Wouthwestern College Club! Thank you, Everyone! Today, we discussed the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and its effects on investing. Great insights from Professor Martinez!  Zoom Recording  "Keep a long-term perspective." We then discussed brokerage accounts and the differences between regular and tax-qualified accounts. Send your questions and topics that you would like to see address to

 3 Mar 2022:
As usual, we reviewed our Spring 2022 portfolio. We are actually holding up pretty darned well considering the turmoil. We had our InterClub Council Report. We then had our Introduction to Stocks presentation.  Zoom Recording  We covered some of the most important numeric measurements of stocks and then reviewed some sample companies including Walmart and Costco, McDonald's and Yum Brands, and AT&T and Verizon. And we saw how some of the high-flying companies like Shopify, Facebook, and Netflix have fallen from great heights. We also notified all members that is offering a $25 gift certficiate if you join and post 5 stock reviews. Video

 10 Mar 2022:
We reviewed our portfolio and had our InterClub Council Report. We took A Sip from the Investment Firehose! We introduced the Discounted Cash Flow Model and The Value Line. For next week, identify a company you would like to research, go their website, and download their Annual Report.  Zoom Recording Here is the link to the presentation.

 17 Mar 2022:
Our portfolio is almost back up to where we started! Pretty good considering there is a war going on! Our ICC Rep was not at today's meeting. We continued our discussion of the Discounted Cash Flow Model and The Value Line. We looked at Costco and Berkshire Hathaway B. Zoom Recording   Costco was too expensive for us but Berkshire Hathaway B looked attractive. Next week, bring the companies you want to research!

 24 Mar 2022:
Hey, hey! We are up almost 4%! Well done! It's been a very volatile time but you guys are AWESOME! Ursula, our ICC Rep reported that the ASO is organizing fundraisers but we really don't need any more money that what we can ask for at the end of the semester for our (hoped for) pizza party! We used The Value Line and the Discounted Cash Flow Model to thoroughly analyze Nike and it looks as though they are finally get cheap enough for us tight wads! Zoom Recording We also looked at BioNano Genomics (Symbol: BNGO), a very small local biotech company that is very cheap but also very, very     risky! It was a great comparison between a tried 'n' true "Blue Chip" company and a brand new "speculative" startup

 7 Apr 2022:
Hey, hey! Our portfolio is up 6% (while the Introduction to Investments class is down 4 1/2%. Ha, ha.) There did not seem to be an InterClub Council meeting last week. We showed the Investment Club website and how many financial and investment services companies are actively recruiting women, minorities, bilingual, and veterans. We then showcased the BetterInvesting Stock Selection Guide (SSG). It's a visual tool for valuing stocks and it concentrates on companies that are growing their earnings. Divideds are a secondary concern. Zoom Recording

 14 Apr 2022:
We are holding our against the tremendous volatility. Our InterClub Council representative, Kenda, reported that the ASO is looking for future leaders. Anyone interested? Contact Richard Eberheart at We showcased the fact that the investment services industry is desperately looking for new professionals and discussed what classes and skills and characteristics they are seeking in new recruits. We then looked at some of the "high flying" growth stock whose prices have fallen dramatically. We also discussed the Roth IRA and the 401(k) and saw that they are excellent types of accounts for building our retirement nestegg. We even discussed who needs life insurance and who does not need life insurance and the correct type of life insurance to buy. Great meeting! Zoom Recording

 21 April 2022:
Our InterClub Council Representative was not in attendance this week. We are holding our own with regard to our investments, not like the Introduction to Investments class which is doing very poorly. Today we demonstrated why we should never trust our investments with insurance companies. We saw examples of whole life policies that purport to give us a good return on our life insurance premiums. We saw how other investment alternatives like bonds and stocks and a balance of bonds and stocks clobbered their results. We also so how annuities, which are also insurance investments, also do poorly against bonds and stocks and a balance of bonds and stocks. Never trust an insurance company with your investments!  Zoom Recording

 28 April 2022:
The ASO is holding their annual Leadership Retreat tomorrow, April 29, 2022. Everyone is welcome! Here is the link to register: Annual Leadership Retreat 2022. (You will need to login to your browser using your Southwestern College email account.) Our portfolio is still above water. This is pretty incredible considering many growth stocks are down 50% or more! Today, Professor Will Greenwald showcased Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and the accompanying health insurance policies. While not for everyone, Health Savings Accounts can be an excellent vehicle to help you save for medical expenses and retirement and at the same time, save a ton of money on taxes. Very cool!  Zoom Recording

 5 May 2022:
Our InterClub Council Representative reported that the Student Union Center is going to be demolished so where will the students go? It is recommended that they use Tradewinds Cafe. Given the panic, we are holding our own with regard to our investments, again, not not like the Introduction to Investments class which is doing very poorly. Today we had a special treat as Professor Martinez-Sanabria showed up the importance of financial statements and ratio analysis. We saw how Sprouts Farmers Market has been growing their earnings and cash flow quite nicely for the past five years. One issue was the amount of long-term debt that they have taken on. We could not determine where the money went. It went into a non-descript category, "Long-Term Investments." (Ah, we would have to do a whole lot more digging to find out exactly where that cash went. Did it do into the stock market? We don't know yet.) In general, we saw that Sprouts is doing pretty darned well with regard to their cash flow and is in no danger of going into bankruptcy any time soon. Thank you very much, Professor Martinez! Next week, Professor Alston will be leading the meeting and will be discussing investment scams. They are out there, Dear Students, ready to take your money!  Zoom Recording

 12 May 2022:
Aye! Technical Difficulties! (I can't wait until we can meet in person again!)

 19 May 2022:
The InterClub Council had their last meeting and discussed the startup procedures for the Fall 2022 semester. The market has been brutal and we are finishing down 9%. Well, that is a whole lot better than the investment class which is down almost 30%! In that vein, we discussed the emotional part of investing and how to survive a market downturn. Keep a long-term perspective and DON'T PANIC! Keep putting $50 or $100 or whatever you can afford into a prudent, long-term oriented vehicle such as growth and income stock mutual fund and forget about all the histeria that is being broadcast each day. Remember that if the world does end, it does not matter where your money is.  Zoom Recording

Spring 2022 Portfolio -- 10 stocks starting with $10,000 each

 3 February 2022: We off! It's been a very volatile week. We are basically flat.

 11 February 2022: Even with all the volatility, we are still basically flat. Ho, hum.

 18 February 2022: Volatility strikes! We are down 1%. Could be much worse. Some tech companies are down over 50%!

 25 February 2022: Well done! We held up well even though Agent Orange Trump's Lover, Vlad "The Impaler" Putin, invaded an innocent sovereign country! War criminal!

 4 March 2022: We are holding up very well given the war in the Ukraine. Great job!

 11 March 2022: Only down 4%! That's pretty darned good given the world is blowing up, eh?

 18 March 2022: You are AWESOME! We are over $100,000! Tell that to the folks that bought Farcebook and Shopify!

 25 March 2022: Well done! We are up 4 1/2%! That is really good given the tremendous volatility. We are proud of you!

 1 April 2022: Up over 5%! Not bad considering World War III must just be starting.

 8 April 2022: Up over 5 1/2%! You guys are AWESOME! (Now, if we had just not bought Alibaba...)

 15 April 2022: We are holding our own given the tremendous volatility. Could be worse!

 22 April 2022: Pooh, what an ugly week. But we are still above water. Well done!

 29 April 2022: Aye! Another ugly week. Now we are underwater. But it could be worse!

 6 May 2022: We are down almost 5%. That's a whole lot better than many other, including the Intro to Investments class.

 13 May 2022: What a week! But we held on, kinda', sorta', not really. Oh, well, could be worse, like the Investment Class.

 20 May 2022: We are down 10% for the semester. Folks, it could be a whole lot worse. The Investment Class is down almost 30%.

The Industry is Actively Recruiting Women and Minorities, Bilingual, and Ex-Military

The Financial Industry Wants Diversity - Great article from the Financial Times magazine
But Fortune asks, "When we will see some results?" The numbers of women and minorities are still very meager
The United Kingdom has their Diversity Project Anyone want to emigrate to the UK?
The Brokerage Industry is Looking for Women! The Future is Female! (And it's about time...)

Here is a list of the Career Opportunity webpages of various financial and investments services companies.
All feature photographs of women and minorities.
The industry is serious about changing. They need you!

Securities (a.k.a. Financial Investments)
Capital Group (a.k.a. The American Funds)
T. Rowe Price
Fidelity Investments  Woman CEO!
Charles Schwab
Dodge & Cox Funds
Wellington Management  Soon to have a Woman CEO!
Franklin Templeton  Woman CEO!

Insurance Providers
TIAA  Black Woman CEO!
Geico Insurance
Farmers Insurance
State Farm Insurance  Check out the hair-do!
Wawanesa Insurance
AIG Insurance

Banks and Credit Unions
US Bank
Wells Fargo
JP Morgan Chase
Citigroup (nee Citibank) Woman CEO!
Mission Federal Credit Union Woman CEO!
San Diego County Credit Union Woman CEO!

Real Estate Financial Services
CMG Financial
Rocket Mortgage
Guild Mortgage Company Woman CEO!
C2 Financial Corporation
First American Title Insurance
Old Republic Title Insurance
Stewart Title Insurance

There is a Future for You in the
Financial and Investment Services Industry!

Please consider pursuing a career in the industry. The financial and investment industry is enormous. The industry is always looking for new, energetic individuals. There are numerous career path opportunities. From banking to real estate finance to insurance to brokerage firms, there is a place for you. In fact, the industry is actively seeking bilingual speakers and women. Going forward, they understand that diversity is essential to the success of their businesses. They simply love ex-military folks. (The financial industry is highly regulated and who better than those who have already lived and worked in a structured, regulated environment?)

Here at Southwestern, we offer an Associate in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Finance. We also offer a Certificate of Achievement in Financial and Investment Services. Either of these will help you land a position at a bank or credit union, an insurance company, a real estate finance firm, a brokerage or other investment management company, or any of the many other finance-related and investment-related companies.

You don't believe us? You think you need a four-year degree from a prestigious university? Aha! You are wrong! The dirty little secret in our industry is that a degree from a prestigious university is not a guarantee that someone will perform well as a financial adviser with the general public. The recruiters will tell you that they have no reliable method for predicting how someone will do in the industry. Someone with a certificate from a community college might surpass a whole room full of graduates from the Ivy League universities.

We have our own predictors. Are you a positive, optimistic person with a sunny disposition? Do you like to socialize? Do you enjoy meeting new people? Do you want to help them succeed? Are you not afraid to ask someone if they need your help? If they say, "No," are you still willing to go to the next person and ask the same question ... and then go on to ask twenty-seven more people? In short, are you a go-getter who refuses to give up? Will you never give up?

If you can answer, "Yes," to all or most of these questions (especially the part about never giving up), we guarantee you will do well in the industry. You might bounce around from one position to another for a bit but you will find your place. Talk to a counselor about our programs. Or better yet, please contact either Professor Suganya Sarkaranayanan or Frank Paiano above via email.

We wish you all tremendous success in the future and we look forward to talking to you about a potential career in the finance and investment industry.

P.S. Did we mention that salaries in the financial and investment industries are well above the national norms? Hmmm? Think about it seriously, Dear Students. The investment industry needs you!

Speaking of diversity, this past year, Walgreens now has a Black Woman CEO. Ladies, Minorities, We Need You!